Successful Sales Stratagies from Dirk Kettlewell

For just about every business, your sales are what creates revenue. In order to have a positive revenue, it’s important to set your sales strategies above the competition. What can make you stand out? Dirk Kettlewell has worked in retail for a number of years and knows a thing or two when it comes to successful sales.

Everyone may not be a good prospect for your products or services. But your targeted marketing strategies will produce the best results for that will surely save you money and time. Customize your marketing materials to appeal to their greatest need. Then multiply your ROI (return on investment) by carving out several other niche markets and focusing your marketing to appeal to the biggest need of your potential customer from each market. Always include a compelling offer in your ads. Offer free promotional item or information related to your industry and product to generate more inquiries and website traffic. Then go ahead and offer a great discount or bonus that you can afford to convert those inquiring prospects into new customers. Most potential customers won’t buy the first time around. You need a good system to collect their contact information so you can reach them again at a later time with special offers. Many businesses receive a 50 percent increase in sales by simply following up with prospects who previously requested more information but didn’t purchase — yet. Advertising as we all know can get quite expensive. Maximize your returns by following up regularly with prospects to help convert more of them into actual customers. It’s less expensive and much easier to get more business from satisfied customers than to try and find new ones. Continuously find and develop new products and services related to what you sell and offer them to your customers.


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