Why Dirk Kettlewell is an Effective Leader


Throughout the years, Dirk Kettlewell has worked on many business endeavors and knows exactly what it takes to be an effective leader. Team leaders are responsible for much more than simply making their followers feel supported, they also have an enormous impact, be it positive or negative, on the entire team and how it progressed towards its goals. It is important that team leaders ensure that they take the time to interact with each member of the team, because interaction is what determines how the whole team will perform as a unit and the type of cooperation that the leader will get from his or her team.

Usually when a leader does not take the time to push past the immediate reactions of his/her team and find the answer by uncovering the real source of the problem, it can cause more headache simply because the blame may fall on someone who is honestly not at fault. It is your responsibility as a team leader to ensure that you understand the real problem and know the root cause, before you attempt to tackle it head on. Many times, what causes a team to lose confidence in a leader’s’ ability to manage them and help them fulfill their assignment, is lack of support for their decisions and actions. No matter how well planned, well thought out a team’s ideas and actions are, there is always the chance that something may not work. No one wants to work with a leader who will only lead and support in the good times, but them “jump-ship” when things begin to go bad. Since his/her leadership can not be trusted, the team will lose all confidence in their ability to lead by navigating them through both the good and bad times.


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