The Death of 2000 Americans Soldiers In Afghanistan War

The war between America and Afghanistan broke out in the 1980s. Ever since, there has never been peaceful relationship between the two countries. During this war, American experience the highest number of soldiers’ deaths than any war she has ever fought. It is with great honor that we acknowledge the death of 2000 American soldiers in Afghanistan war as heroic. They fought tirelessly to show the strong love they have for American. This is what the true patriots do. Their deaths alarmed the whole world. Tears of despondency cascaded down the eyes of loving Americans as they commemorate the death of these great soldiers in the planet earth.

Dirk Kettlewell also found out that this was one of the disastrous wars fought in the world. Properties worth billions of USA dollars were destroyed during this war. In addition to that, countless Afghanistan soldiers also lost their lives. During this war, Americans were never stopped by death, hunger, thirst or harsh climatic conditions. They fought passionately for their country until they became victorious. Henceforth, Americans soldiers have become dominant in Afghanistan. They work day and night trying to rebuild the economy of Afghanistan. They as well help the victims to shape up their lives. Up to date, Americans soldiers are still in Afghanistan. President Barack Obama has confirmed their withdrawal to take place in 2014.


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