How America Is Losing Its Supremacy

America is regarded as the world most superior country. This means that it has more political, economic and military power than any other country in the universe. Dirk Kettlewell found out that there are ways in which America is now losing its supremacy. The first way in which America is losing its powers is the lending of huge capitals to other nations. Imagine China owns America huge amount of money than American citizens. This is the tactic China is using to overtake America in terms of economic and political powers. I think it is the high time that America government should regulate the amount of money they lend to other nations. If they fail to do this, then they shall be overtaken by China who is so close to them in the area of economics. The second way America is losing its supremacy is the quality of goods manufactured. USA was worldly known as the highest manufacturer of products consumed globally. But what of today? They have been overtaken by China which is now manufacturing high volumes of good than any other county in the world. I think America has to do something about this.

America is also losing her supremacy through fuel consumption. It was once known best country in the area of fuel consumption. It uses almost a quarter of the fuel produced in the world to run its economy. This is now a dream that came to pass. Their rivals in terms of economic development, China has taken the place. It is now China that uses most fuel produced in the whole world to do her projects. In fact China is now becoming a big threat to states economy since they have started projects in African countries. This is a great investment that China is doing on African soil. It is highly advised to the states government to review her economy strategies to ensure that they remain on top of the world, or else they will be overtaken by China sooner than they think.


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