About Dirk Kettlewell

Dirk Kettlewell: Career, Commitment, and Family

For Dirk Kettlewell, when it comes to his career, family, and commitments he stays relatively busy. But Dirk would not have it any other way. As a teenager, Dirk got a start in the business world working for a local Sears store in the stockroom. From that point in his life, Dirk gradually climbed his way up the corporate ladder. Throughout his career, Dirk has held a number of key positions for different companies including OfficeMax, Montgomery Ward, Sears, and Circuit City. Today, Dirk is a successful International Retail Consultant and works with many retailers around the world in order to execute higher revenues. Dirk Kettlewell was name one of the “Top 40 Executives Under 40” by Dealerscope Magazine. This title was earned through Dirk’s devotion to the industry.

Dirk Kettlewell: His Role In the Boomer Esiason Foundation

Kettlewell has been actively involved in a number of organizations throughout his career. It was in 2001 when Dirk met Boomer Esiason at a Super Bowl event. That year, Dirk attended the Booming Celebration and at that point significantly increased his commitment to the fight against cystic fibrosis. Since then, Dirk has played a key role in fundraising for the Boomer Esiason Foundation. Through the years, Dirk has raised well over $2 million dollars for the foundation. In 2004, Dirk was honored and awarded with the MVP award. His fundraising skills have been quite impressive and he has exceeded the Boomer Esiason Foundation’s expectations.

Family Life: Dirk Kettlewells Life

Although Dirk stays very busy with his career as an International Retail Consultant, he really enjoys spending time with his family. For Dirk Kettlewell, his family is his backbone. His wife, Dawn Callahan-Kettlewell has played a huge role in Dirks life. Not only is Dirk active is a number of charities, Dawn has helped support many organizations including the Boomer Esiason Foundation. Together, Dirk and Dawn have three boys of the ages 17, 20, and 24. In their freetime, Dirk and Dawn enjoy watching sports. The Oakland Raiders and Oakland Athletics are their favorite teams to support.


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