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Leading Employees to Business’ Goals

Dirk Kettlewell is well known for his understanding in International Retail Consulting. He entered the business world at young age and he knows the strategies to lead every type of trade in the right manner. One thing about business management is building it without thinking the only goal is money. It is essential to consider business as passion. Anyone can start a business but not all can set it permanent until the end. There is always what you call “beginner’s luck” and “beginner’s courage” that pushes businessman to construct plans for his retail store. But the most important discipline a real entrepreneur must pursue is doing any action of leading as leading itself and distinguishing it from the word “boss”.


Some quotes have an essence that the higher the position a person is in, the higher the respect he should give to his employees. Leading by guiding will ensure that employees do their job with satisfaction. Every person can be encouraged with a good environment and good people in their surroundings. One important part of leading is giving respect. You can motivate all workers to meet deadlines and aims within a certain limit of time if you consider their capacity. The better a businessman understands his people, the greater they will understand and work for the business. Help them feel that they are of valuable to the company. In business, we don’t just do task for the money but also for the people and organizations we work for.